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The malformation of jaw bones and misalignment of teeth like crooked or crowded teeth needs orthodontic treatment. The duration of treatment depends upon the materials used and mode of treatment.

The Options for Orthodontic treatments are 


Metal Braces


Ceramic Braces


Lingual Braces

Clear Aligners [Popularly known as Invisalign]


Metal, Ceramic and Lingual Braces follow similar pattern of treatment in which Brackets are bonded to the teeth and can't be removed whereas clear Aligner[Invisalign] treatment involves  using aligners which is transparent, barely noticeable, can be removed during eating , brushing and not necessarily to visit Dental Clinic during the treatment course for checkup.

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There are many Dentistry procedures. It has to be carefully selected by your Dentist based on your needs and expectations schedule an appointment with your dentist to get a customised treatment plan.

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Lavanya Mariappan

I have already visited this clinic in Anna nagar 3 years back.Now visited again today .new clinic is very good with good ambience and modern equipments .Seperate Gents and Ladies Toilet are there.Surprisingly Treatment rates are the same as before.I would recommend this clinic for everyone

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