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Prosthetic Dentistry

Fixed Prosthesis:


It can fixed to either tooth or implants as support.


  • Metal Ceramic Crowns [ Porcelain fused to metal ] PFM

  • Zirconia Crown

  • Lithium Disilicate crowns [ E max ] 

  • Full Metal [ Base Metal alloys or Noble Metals like Gold ]


Removable Prosthesis:

They are commonly called as dentures, which can be partial or complete denture .

Advanced Types of Dentures are:

  • Flexible Dentures 

  • Unbreakable Dentures

  • BPS Dentures

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There are many Dentistry procedures. It has to be carefully selected by your Dentist based on your needs and expectations schedule an appointment with your dentist to get a customised treatment plan.

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